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Angel healing
I use the angels when healing physical infirmities and illnesses. It may be in the neck, the shoulders, the back, the pelvis etc. We also use them when clearing chakras or auras.
Actually I use the angels for almost every treatment I give.
Soul healing

When healing a soul it is very important that the client has a profound desire for redemption of an existing trauma or blocking. During a healing of the soul there is no communication between healer and client which means that the client doesn't have to relive any unpleasant emotions what so ever during the session as for instance during TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

A healing of the soul can be used for redeeming anxiety or depression for instance caused by abuse.

Reiki healing

Reiki healing is a good place to start if you want to grow spiritually before you take on angel healing. It gives you a solid foundation for development.

Animal healing and telepathy

You can heal on all animals, but telepathy needs the animal to participate and accept the interaction. Animals have a very direct way of being. Their way of telling things often cause big smiles. It is possible to do both healings and telepathy from a distance but we also do "house calls" if necessary. Horses, dogs and cats are the animals we work with the most.



Healing session   € 135

(Reiki , Angel etc.)

app. 1 hour


Soul healing   € 336

app. 1 1/2 hour

Animal healing/therapy   € 100

Lectures - contact us for more information


I offer lectures about angels and other energies; what you can use them for and how you can use them. With other energies we mean ascended masters, fairies, elves, unicorns etc.

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